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'Best Days Ever'

A ‘best day ever’ is a family's opportunity to see something, visit someone or go somewhere with their child that may not be possible without our help. It is our goal to create a unique experience for the child and family while relieving some stress for those who are facing a worst-case scenario. We hope to help families enjoy each other, cherish their time and create lasting memories. We strive to give families simple pleasures before life can get even harder. 

Nominate a Child


In order to qualify for a 'best day ever' the child must reside in New York State and must be 18 years old or younger. If you know a child that is in need of a 'Best Day Ever', please contact us at

Meet Some of our BDE Kids


Meet some of the Maddie's Mark Best Day Ever Kids, Learn about their 'Best Days Ever' and how it helped their spirits, gave them hope and made a child smile:

Naomi - North Country - Adams, New York

We were brought to Naomi's story by people who have helped our family. When we learned of Naomi's story she was in Kindergarten. When Naomi was 2 she had cancer, after surgeries and treatments she went into remission and was a totally regular, normal and spunky child. This winter she started to have headaches and other symptoms and they found tumors in her brain, they removed one and then she was sent to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for 3 weeks of radiation treatments.

While she was there, staying at the Ronald McDonald House, Maddie's Mark had the opportunity to send her to a Phillies game VIP style, all over Philly- the children's museum, aquarium, zoo... and other little 'best days ever' for days she felt well enough to enjoy. She returned home and has responded well to treatment. She will travel again in the end of August to assess her future treatment and check on the tumors. Upon returning to her home, we contacted some people in Watertown and they set up a very helpful benefit for Naomi (just as they did for Madeline and our family) and helped her family with bills and expenses. We also got to help make her Kindergarten Graduation possible, as her school didn't have kindergarten graduation anymore. It was her mom's big wish to see Naomi graduate, since the future is unknown. What an awesome family to help and to know... to know how much they have been through, their positive spirit and the fact that they share in our mission to enjoy a life of 'best days ever'.

Davis - North Country - Watertown, New York

We were contacted for Davis through the On March 17,2012, in Watertown NY, he fell from playground equipment and was taken to the hospital for a scan. The scan revealed no head trauma from fall, but instead a very large tumor behind his eye. The tumor had to be removed o assess and prevent growth. The tumor was benign, however removal damaged many nerves and Davis was in the hospital and received treatments for weeks. His mother had to put her job and the degree she was working on aside and take care of Davis.

Once out of the hospital, they travelled several times a week to Syracuse to receive nerve therapies and treatments. When we heard about Davis we knew that his family could use some 'best days ever' to help them enjoy and smile... To help them take advantage of their time. So we set up a family camping trip to old forge, enchanted water safari, train ride, paddle boats... All the great things for a outdoorsy 'best day ever'... All things Davis could enjoy even if he had to stay cautious and be careful not to fall, bang head, etc. All things a family who gets their own set of horrible news could use to build up their happy to move and fight and live the time they have in a 'best day ever' kind of way.

Myles - Capital Region - Bethlehem, New York

Myles was a fun, happy and kind person. He enjoyed life, cupcakes and his family, friends and twin brother. He was a 'best days ever' kind of person from the start. Myles fought forms of cancer since he was very young, but in early 2012 his family received the news that Myles had Pontine Gliomas, and just as Madeline's family and friends did, the world helped Myles live, live his last days in a 'best days ever' way. Maddie's Mark had the opportunity to provide some of those best days and meet this wonderful boy and family.

We set up reptile adventures party, got Myles favorite pizza delivered with all the fixins', his favorite cupcakes, a camera to capture his life, a video camera for capturing whatever 9 year old boys deem cool... And a recliner, to help him be able to comfortably enjoy his last best days... And a pile of friends to enjoy this big night. Myles was a brave, smiling reptile holding boy... Surrounded by friends and his favorite things. He passed away the next week, peacefully and comfortably in his chair with his whole family. Maddie got to meet a friend she helped... And we helped his family celebrate his life...

Julian - North Country - Oswego, New York

Many people have been following Julian through out the country as he battled Stage 4 Nueroblastoma. We contacted Julian’s family to see what kind of Best Day Ever would be best for their family… and we were answered with a full family trip to Hershey Park.

We worked and set up those days with Julian’s whole family and a nurse to travel to Hershey Park and have a really great time together. As we were planning this trip Julian’s prognosis changed and his battle to survive this ‘invader’ to his body became a mission to live with the time he had left. His family set up Julian’s Bucket List to help fullfill a life full of living into the time that this brave boy had left to live. Many followers of Maddie’s Mark Foundation were able to help grant some of his Bucket List wishes… and again we are reminded, thankful and proud of the amazing people we have working with us.

Devon - Capital Region - Rotterdam, New York

Devon’s family has been fighting DIPG (the same disease that took Maddie’s life) since May of 2011. He has been to several Doctor’s and was involved in trials in New York City. Devon and his family are true ‘Best Days Ever’ kind of people, working to enjoy the time they have and fight as hard as they can to beat this disease. They bring new meaning to ‘believe’… they believe in superhero's and miracles.

When Maddie’s Mark Foundation got to help them enjoy some ‘Best Days Ever’ they wanted a day with all of their close friends and family celebrating and having fun. We set up a wonderful dinner at the Century House in Latham, filled with the Magnetman, a candy bar and in true Maddie’s Mark form a special way to remember the day. A wonderful believer in Maddie’s Mark Foundation made (with only 5 days to create) a tee shirt blanket with photos of Devon and his family, for everyone to sign and leave a note. To make this day ‘super’special the favors were homemade Superhero Devon pins… so everyone left with a perfect and tangible item to remind them of Devon and believing…