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What We Do

Maddie’s Mark Foundation was established in early 2012 to honor Madeline Musto. An independent, vibrant 5 year old who was taken away from the world too quickly by an inoperable brain stem tumor (DIPG).  The foundation's mission is to spread Madeline's spirit by providing opportunities, creating environments, and enabling children and families live a life of 'best days ever'.

The goals of the foundation are a reflection of Madeline’s outlook on life. All support and donations will be going toward these goals:

  1. Maddie’s Mark provides ‘best days ever’ for children suffering from major illness, and provides support for their families;
  2. Maddie’s Mark actively encourages child enrichment, through financial grants to improve public and private entertainment, educational and athletic facilities for children - including schools, parks, playgrounds, and theatres; and,
  3. Maddie's Mark honors Madeline’s legacy and love of learning through a scholarship program, to provide meaningful and significant financial assistance to remarkable young women.

 We appreciate your generous contributions and support. Thank you for helping Maddie leave her mark!